Product Authentication - Protecting Your Products Against Counterfeiting

Monitor your product right from production until it reaches the hands of your consumers using our product authentication solution.

Product authentication is a significant aspect of brand protection. You can protect your company’s reputation and image by allowing your customers to verify your product’s authenticity. Most importantly, it will enable you to prevent direct loss of sales caused by counterfeit products.

You risk losing your customers’ trust if you do not find a way they can identify your original product from counterfeit or pirated alternatives. And with accrued negative publicity, your business may be on the way out of the market.

You can save yourself from such unfortunate possibilities by using Camperio’s product authentication solution to build customers’ loyalty, confidence, and trust in your product and company as a whole.

Why Camperio?

Our product authentication solution can help your company prevent/reduce counterfeiting while increasing product sales. We’ll allow your customers to check your products’ authenticity using our custom-made QR code, called CQR. The CQR code can only be read by our proprietary app, embeddable in POS systems and mobile phones.

Depending on your product specifications and distribution model, our digital product authentication solution can be in the hands of final consumers, investigators, retailers, etc. With Comperio, anyone and everyone can confirm your product’s authenticity, ultimately enhancing your brand image, awareness, and product sales.

Made with a patented Optical Matric Mold Technology, Camperio’s unique CQR can also aid product tracking, allowing you to monitor your products throughout the production journey until it reaches the hands of the final consumer.

The world is flooded with fake products. Now is the best time to ensure your company is protected against all counterfeiting efforts. Camperio is your go-to solution!

Simple authentification via the App

Verify the product’s authenticity via Comperio’s proprietary app, available for Android and iOS. Customers of the brands that have partnered with Comperio can scan the CQR labels with the Comperio app to verify the authenticity of the product in real time on site.

Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain tracking means digitizing each product and giving it a unique “E-DNA”. Once created, the “E-DNA” is carried on with the product forever.

In this way, we can help our customers manage their supply chain and, most importantly, the ability to go back in the supply chain and find the link that has been intruded.

Clients are equipped with a dedicated device to be used only for authentication purposes, by company internal inspectors.

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