POS Systems

Making check-out a safe and worry-free experience is easy when your brand is partnered with Comperio. By installing the Comperio app in your POS systems, you make it possible for them to read CQR labels. Our CQR are a foolproof way to prove that the products you’re selling are the real deal. Therefore, with CQR, you can establish trust with your customers.

Implementing this anti-counterfeit solution in your POS systems allows customers to get proof of legitimacy within seconds. It’s as simple as using the Comperio app to check product CQR labels. This process is easy, fast, and can be done by customers in real time, making it the best solution for on-site shoppers. If the label is not 100% legitimate, the sale will be canceled, saving customers their money, card information, and valuable time.

In addition to the practical merits of using Comperio, there’s another huge benefit. When used as a solution for POS systems, Comperio mends the trust in the brand/customer relationship. By proving repeatedly that your products are legitimate, you forge a lasting reputation of trustworthiness.

The reason building trust with Comperio is superior to doing so without is due to the prevalence of counterfeit products all across the global market. Expensive brands frequently have their designs stolen and recreated using cheaper materials and cost-cutting manufacturing practices. Without Comperio, customers are forced to determine what’s genuine or not by themselves. This can cost customers thousands of dollars for a simple mistake. With Comperio’s CQR labels, these mistakes never have to happen.

This is especially useful for small businesses that are just starting to gain traction. Much of the hesitance people have toward businesses they’re unfamiliar with is their inability to tell if they’re trustworthy. In today’s age, trusting the wrong brand can lead to both monetary and identity theft. Customers can rest easy when they buy from partners of Comperio.

Simple authentification via the App

Verify the product’s authenticity via Comperio’s proprietary app, available for Android and iOS. Customers of the brands that have partnered with Comperio can scan the CQR labels with the Comperio app to verify the authenticity of the product in real time on site.

Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain tracking means digitizing each product and giving it a unique “E-DNA”. Once created, the “E-DNA” is carried on with the product forever.

In this way, we can help our customers manage their supply chain and, most importantly, the ability to go back in the supply chain and find the link that has been intruded.

Clients are equipped with a dedicated device to be used only for authentication purposes, by company internal inspectors.

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