Physical Products

Making check-out a safe and worry-free experience is easy when your brand is partnered with Comperio. Product counterfeiting is a massive problem in the modern world. This is something that affects everyone, whether they know it or not. To start, the global economy loses trillions of dollars each year due to counterfeit products. Not to mention, illegitimate products can lead to death when poor manufacturing takes the place of vital or dangerous equipment. Buyers rely on quality and Comperio is here to ensure quality is what they get.

Comperio’s CQR labels can be easily applied to physical products. These labels are used to identify the object within the Comperio app. That makes it easy for customers to use the Comperio app on their smart device to scan a product’s CQR label and check if it’s legitimate. Plus, by installing the Comperio app on POS systems, items can be authenticated during checkout. Products that are proven to be counterfeit will cancel the transaction, protecting customers from illegitimate products.

The small step of incorporating Comperio’s CQR labels on products can save customers more than just money. While there are plenty of fake copies of high-end electronics, buying one will only lose you money. We must also take into account that pharmaceuticals are also counterfeited frequently.

Prescription medications are often replaced with placebos so that they can be resold illegally. Using Comperio, you can guarantee to customers that the medications their health and wellbeing rely on are the genuine article. As a customer, being able to scan the CQR label on your medication to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with is a huge relief.

There’s more to incorporating CQR labels on physical products than just consumerism. These labels are also a valuable asset in controlling parallel markets. You can use them to ensure no one else is selling products that you have exclusive rights to. Plus, participating customers and stakeholders can use CQR to assist them in managing downstream operations within their supply chain. With CQR, you have the ability to trace back through every supply link that might have been intruded upon and find the source of any tampering.

Simple authentification via the App

Verify the product’s authenticity via Comperio’s proprietary app, available for Android and iOS. Customers of the brands that have partnered with Comperio can scan the CQR labels with the Comperio app to verify the authenticity of the product in real time on site.

Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain tracking means digitizing each product and giving it a unique “E-DNA”. Once created, the “E-DNA” is carried on with the product forever.

In this way, we can help our customers manage their supply chain and, most importantly, the ability to go back in the supply chain and find the link that has been intruded.

Clients are equipped with a dedicated device to be used only for authentication purposes, by company internal inspectors.

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