Online stores can be both a blessing and a curse for online shoppers. Buying from a store with a good reputation is easy and practical. Having a product delivered directly to your home can’t be beat. However, with shopping online comes the risk of getting scammed or receiving counterfeit products. Independent businesses as well as independent sellers on websites like Amazon and eBay frequently sell fake products. However, these platforms are a great place to start an authentic business as well. That makes it hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. How do you know if a listing is just a great deal or bait for a scam?

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution for e-commerce brands looking to prove their legitimacy. Comperio’s e-commerce solution is simple. Our CQR labels secure a physical product, proving its legitimacy so that it can be sold on any platform. When your e-commerce shop shows that it’s been partnered with Comperio, customers know they can trust you to deliver a genuine product.

Plus, there’s even a solution for those seeking that extra layer of peace of mind. Customers can check out their product’s CQR label in person, once it arrives. By downloading the Comperio app, anyone can easily scan a CQR label to check its legitimacy. There is no expensive scanning system needed – just a smart device with a working camera. The Comperio app makes it easy to scan a CQR label and will instantly confirm that the label is authentic.

When your brand teams up with Comperio, it’s easier to gain customers because they know your online store is the real deal. Furthermore, it’s easier to retain loyal customers when they know they can trust you to deliver only what you say you do, and no less.

Simple authentification via the App

Verify the product’s authenticity via Comperio’s proprietary app, available for Android and iOS. Customers of the brands that have partnered with Comperio can scan the CQR labels with the Comperio app to verify the authenticity of the product in real time on site.

Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain tracking means digitizing each product and giving it a unique “E-DNA”. Once created, the “E-DNA” is carried on with the product forever.

In this way, we can help our customers manage their supply chain and, most importantly, the ability to go back in the supply chain and find the link that has been intruded.

Clients are equipped with a dedicated device to be used only for authentication purposes, by company internal inspectors.

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