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How Luxury Brands Can Beat Counterfeiters

Despite spending a fortune on legal fees and distribution controls, luxury goods companies struggle to combat counterfeiting. But the success of counterfeiting is rooted in strategic decisions made by luxury firms to outsource manufacturing, emphasize the logo, and raise prices.

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Why Amazon Has So Many Counterfeit Goods

Seizures of counterfeit products at U.S. borders have increased 10-fold over the past two decades as e-commerce sales have boomed. The total value of seized goods – if they had been real – reached nearly $1.4 billion in 2018. Most are coming from mainland China or Hong Kong.

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Amazon says it seized 2M fake products last year

The online retail giant says it blocked 10bn listings it suspected of peddling fake goods, before they could be put on sale, and seized and destroyed more than 2m products at its fulfilment centres before they were delivered to consumers.

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