Once the CQR labels have been produced according to the customer’s specifications and applied to the product, the authenticity of the product can be verified in various ways by the various parties involved.

The examples below give an overview of the methods currently in use.

Via Comperio's proprietary app, available for Android and iOS

Via UnionPay APOS - a unique solution for the chinese Market

Via digital supply chain tracking. Inspector based model

Simple authentification via the App

Verify the product’s authenticity via Comperio’s proprietary app, available for Android and iOS. Customers of the brands that have partnered with Comperio can scan the CQR labels with the Comperio app to verify the authenticity of the product in real time on site.

Digital supply chain

Digital supply chain tracking means digitizing each product and giving it a unique “E-DNA”. Once created, the “E-DNA” is carried on with the product forever.

In this way, we can help our customers manage their supply chain and, most importantly, the ability to go back in the supply chain and find the link that has been intruded.

Clients are equipped with a dedicated device to be used only for authentication purposes, by company internal inspectors.

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